Arif Sikder

Founder & Executive Director

Mr. Sikder is one of the country’s top successful visionary leaders for social development, empowerment, entrepreneurial efforts, social business, happiness making etc. He is renowned as a magical change maker for the marginal peoples’ livelihood development. He is associated with numbers of philanthropic activities. He was invited as a guest speaker at many renowned universities, seminars, meetings etc. worldwide.

Arif Sikder

Founder & Executive Director, Ambala Foundation

Experience and Engagement

1994 - Present

Ambala Foundation

Founder & Executive Director

Ambala Foundation is one of the leading non-profit development organization in Bangladesh. The previous name of this foundation was Environment Council Bangladesh or EC Bangladesh in a short form. The foundation has been introducing the new name since 2016 for broader aspects of purposes.


2008 - Present

Radio Bikrampur 99.2 FM

Founder & Chairman

Radio Bikrampur is one of the Pioneer Community Radio Station in Bangladesh. It was established taking the Broadcasting License from the Government of Bangladesh. It is using the FM 99.2 Band for broadcasting it’s programs. After establishing, Radio Bikrampur 99.2 FM has been showing significant impact on positive change across the Munshiganj and nearby Districts.


2018 - Present

Ambala IT

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ambala IT is one of the fastest growing customized IT Solutions Companies in Bangladesh. Diverse of Management Software, Service System, Web and E-Commerce Development are the main products of Ambala IT. 


2015 - Present

NRB Commercial Bank


NRB Commercial Bank is a visionary Commercial Bank dedicated to the Non Resident Bangladeshis who are playing a significant role in Bangladesh’s economic development. NRB Commercial Bank is also a conventional commercial bank which has introduced some new and innovative banking ideas and approaches in Bangladesh for the first time.


2021 - Present

NRB Islamic Life Insurance Ltd


NRB Islamic Life Insurance Ltd. is emerging as one of the leading full-fledged Islami Life Insurance Companies in the country in order to bring confidence among the common people of the country. We are aiming to be the premier Islami Life Insurance company in Bangladesh within the next few years. We will serve the policy holders with utmost care and provide the best solution for their needs. We will be a company with due solemnity and corporate social responsibility to the society upheld by taking financial risks.

2019 - Present


Initiator and Chief Patron

Shwapnojatra is a Dream Project of Mr. Arif Sikder as well as Ambala Foundation to encourage the poor and marginal students for continuing their education. Shwapnojatra takes full responsibilities for first to last educational expanses of a student. An educated student can change his family and enlighten families can change the society. E-Mail: Web:

About Mr. Sikder

Mr. Sikder is well know in the country as a Visionary Change Maker. The Development Community also recognizes him a Magical Change Maker. He is the Founder & Executive Director of Ambala Foundation. 

He is a successful Social Business Entrepreneur.  He works believing honesty, sincerity and dedication towards social development. He takes creative action to solve a social problem. He can identify problems and see it as an opportunity to build a solution. He applies the critical skills of empathy, teamwork and leadership to make positive impact to the society. 



MA from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Social Development Management 93%
Social Business and Entrepreneurship 79%
Philanthropic Activities 71%
Organization and SME Management 65%
Social Welfare and Volunteering 85%


M. Azizur Rahman

Chairman, Ambala Foundation

Former Chief Information Commissioner (State Minister)

Former Secretary, Govt. of Bangladesh

Phone: +8801711529310


Dewan Taufika Hossain (Shati)

Director, Ambala Foundation

Patron, Shwapnojatra

Social Development and Management Expert

Phone: +8801709961393