Internship: Information related to coming in Bangladesh

Health care and Immunization

At first contact your doctor well before traveling to Bangladesh in case of any immunization requirement. It is strongly recommended that interns purchase medical insurance (at their own expense) prior to their departure for Bangladesh.


We advise you to be in touch with your Supervisor at Ambala Foundation from time to time to discuss and to have an idea about your internship schedule and what your part would be as an intern. You may argue field visits, locations, distance, transport facilities and request reading materials via email.


Interns are advised to start looking for accommodation way in advance of their arrival in Dhaka. The internship unit can provide support in arranging accommodation. However, unless otherwise agreed upon, interns are responsible for their own accommodations in Bangladesh and are advised not to depend on Ambala Foundation for this matter.

The Language Issue

Official language of Bangladesh: Bangla
Second Language: Most Ambala Foundation staff can communicate fluently in English but once in the country, learning Bangla could help enormously for communication outside BRAC. In the field level, interns whose inborn tongue is not Bangla are suggested to take their own translators to the field to carry out their research.

Necessary Items for Bangladesh General

  • Three passport size photos for registration
  • Laptop (preferably with wireless internet setting)
  • Anti-mosquito Spray
  • Sunglass
  • Raincoat and umbrella (for rainy seasons)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sun lotion / Sunscreen

For the field

  • Shoes for field
  • Dry food
  • Clip board
  • Backpack
  • Flash light
  • Bug spray
  • Bed sheet, pillow cover
  • Flask to carry water
  • Camera (preferably digital)

Arrival in Bangladesh (Dhaka)

Nearly all-international flights arrive at the Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. Interns can ask for pick up services to the accommodation provider. They can make their own arrangements too.

Money and Banking

The principal unit of money in Bangladesh is Taka (BDT). There are currency exchanges counters/ branches of commercial banks, where international currencies and Traveler’s cheques can be easily changed. In the cities, ATMs and banks are available in the city and can usually access foreign accounts. Bangladesh is decidedly a cash-based society but credit cards are nowadays accepted in most hotels, restaurants, travel agents, and other businesses in urban areas.

Mobile Phone Connection

Mobile phone shops and pre-paid connection are easily available in Dhaka. If you already have a cell phone that works in Bangladesh, you can get a pre-paid connection from any of the telecom companies (Grameen, Banglalink, Teletalk, Airtel, Robi, City Cell etc.), that are available at the local shops. There is also a ‘Banglalink’ booth at the airport, where you can get a connection immediately after arrival. You would need to present two passport size photographs and photocopy of your passport to get the connection.

Registering with Your Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in Bangladesh

We advise our interns (foreign nationals) to register with their embassies in Bangladesh, as soon as they arrive. Once registered, the intern may be able to use some facilities provided by the embassy, receive updates and alerts about national emergencies and help in case of emergency withdrawal etc. You can search the contact details of your country’s embassy here: follow link