About Ambala Foundation

Ambala Foundation is a noble initiative initiated by some change seeking young of Bangladesh dedicated to help the impoverished people of Bangladesh. We hope to break the cycle of poverty through the micro-credit, social programs,  education and rebuilding of our nation. We facilitate happiness together.


The Journey was started in 1994 by some change seeking students of Dhaka University​

Arif Sikder

Mr. Arif Sikder, a Masters final year student of Dhaka University established the Organization

2 Millions

We are now a more than 2 Millions of peoples family including the beneficiaries


Environment Council Bangladesh (EC Bangladesh) is now Ambala Foundation

In terms of global population density Bangladesh is one of the highest ranking countries in the world accompanied with poor socio-economic conditions, acute malnutrition, low literacy rate and very high population growth rate which triggers the country towards severe poverty and dreadful environmental crisis. A group of young and energetic students with innovative mind realized its consequences and came forward to put their efforts together to contribute for development of the poor and destitute people and to reduce the poverty and environmental impact from local level to national level. Keeping this notion in their mind these group of student established Ambala Foundation as a non-profit and non-political voluntary organization in 1994 and initiated their development activities in all over the Bangladesh from 1998.

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Legal Status

Ambala Foundation is Registered with the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh as a National Non-Profit Development Organization or NGO.

We have 04 Registration Certificates with 04 Government Authorities: Learn More Here…

Local and National Government Authorities also monitor our Programs Regularly 

Ambala Foundation works as a

National Non-Government Organization

Leading Social Business Initiator

Public Forum for Ensuring Human Rights

Social Investor for Empowering the Poor

Knowledge & Resource Hub for the Poor Students

Policy Advocate for Community Development

I work believing honesty, sincerity and dedication towards social change. I and our team take creative action to solve social problems. Our heroes can identify problems and see it as an opportunity to build a solution. They applies the critical skills of empathy, teamwork and leadership to make positive impact to the society.

Our Proud Working Partners

Ambala Foundation is a noble initiative initiated by some change seeking young of Bangladesh dedicated to help the impoverished people of Bangladesh. We hope to break the cycle of poverty through the micro-credit, social programs,  education and rebuilding of our nation. We facilitate happiness together.

Poverty elimination and facilitating happiness to the people through establishing social unity, promoting quality education, using ICT tools, and integrated development. We are the pioneer in this country to introduce ICT Tools for Social Development and Social Entrepreneurship.

Reducing poverty through eliminating inequality, promotion of education, socio-economic development, promoting ICT tools, strengthen environment and climate change adaptability.

Ambala Foundation started its journey in 1994 when the founder Mr. Arif Sikder and his friends dreamed to change the way of poverty reduction and environmental sustainability with new approaches. 

Yes, we are a Non-Profit organization and  registered under the Government of Bangladesh. We have several registration certificates as a Non-Profit organization from different government body.

Ambala Foundation was dreamed and established by Mr. Arif Sikder and his friends when they were students of Dhaka University in 1994. He is also working as the current Executive Director.

Ambala Foundation was known as Environment Council Bangladesh before 2016. In a short form it was recognized worldwide as EC Bangladesh. But the organization was renamed as Ambala Foundation from 2016.

Ambala Foundation is a Non-Profit development organization in Bangladesh. We are very welcoming for everyone who want to work with us and make partnership. Please contact us for any questions about our organization.

We are a team of the world's most dedicated staff, a dynamic board and passionate partners, standing together at the front-line of the country's biggest challenges. We facilitate happines together.
Dewan Taufika Hossain (Shati)
Deputy Executive Director, Ambala Foundation

Sweet Words from the Happy Faces Countrywide

I dreamed to become a service holder to make my family happy. But, my parents didn’t have any ability to pay my educational expenses. I started working as a house made from my very childhood. One fine morning Ambala Foundation and the Executive Director Mr. Arif Sikder came in my life as a light of hope. I started studying and I am sure I shall become a service holder in future. My Family will be happy.
Jostna Akter
Fotulla, Narayanganj
I am the only earning member of our family. My husband lost his working ability after a tragic accident. I, my husband and our 3 children started struggling to survive. There was no hope in front of us. Ambala Foundation was the first organization who inspired me to start small business locally. I started poultry raring and beef fattening taking training and microcredit from them. My 03 kids are school going now.
Parul Begum
Gazaria, Munshiganj
My younger son was a child labor. He started work in a factory which was very dangerous. We were very scared about his safety. But, we didn’t have any way without this working. He helped me to buy foods for my 7 members’ family. Ambala Foundation rescued him from the hazarded place and helped us a lot. He is school going now and we are trying to uplift our lives.
Kohinoor Khatun
Salna, Gazipur
The fisher folk community of Gazaria was deprived and marginalized due to the lack of their accessibility to the natural resources like open water fisheries. We were organized to claim our rights. We didn’t know the laws properly. Ambala Foundation, Mr. Arif Sikder and Mr. S M Saifur Rahman changed our lives through a Human Rights Program. We are organized and started getting our rights.
Bholanath Barman
Chairman, Gazaria Fishers’ Co-Operative
Poverty was a part of our lives. We could not afford our everyday foods and cloths. Our 07 members’ family had no radio, cell phone, electricity, ceiling fan, television etc. Now, in 2019 we have all of these, radio, cell phones, electricity, television, fans and even refrigerator. All these things have been happened because of Ambala Foundation, their Microcredit and Social Business Program.
Ataur Rahman
Sadar, Mnikganj
The Social Venture Ambala IT of Ambala Foundation has changed the working process of our office significantly. Our staffs are now enough encouraged and they can work more with the useful tools like Micofin 365, NABA ERP and Check Print. We do not know how to thank Ambala IT and the young team of Mr. Arif Sikder. We are really grateful to their social business programs.
Arunima Bashak
ED, Probhas Society, Dhaka Fishers’ Co-Operative
Once upon a time we could not raise our voice to the leaders and government. We could not demand our needs to the authority. Vested interest groups took the entire government budget for the development of their locality. The Community Media of Ambala Foundation, Radio Birkampur 99.2 FM has changed this situation. We can raise our voice now and are also taken care of by the authority.
Abdul Ali
Sadar, Munshiganj