Ambala Foundation is a noble initiative initiated by some change seeking young of Bangladesh dedicated to help the impoverished people of Bangladesh. We hope to break the cycle of poverty through the micro-credit, social programs,  education and rebuilding of our nation. We facilitate happiness together.



Poverty elimination and facilitating happiness to the people through establishing social unity, promoting quality education, using ICT tools, and integrated development. We are the pioneer in this country to introduce ICT Tools for Social Development and Social Entrepreneurship.

Vision/Goal of the Organization

Reducing poverty through eliminating inequality, promotion of education, socio-economic development, promoting ICT tools, strengthen environment and climate change adaptability.

Major Objectives

• Eradicate inequality through establishing human rights and social harmony.
• Ensure women empowerment and child rights.
• Create scope to education for poor and disadvantaged community.
• Strengthen adaptability to climate change and environmental risk.
• Ensure good governance, transparency and social accountability.
• Improve public health proving with service delivery and making awareness.
• Ensure accessibility to financial institution and income for better livelihood.
• Social development through proper use of media and information technology.
• Socio-economic development through research and publication.

We work believing honesty, sincerity and dedication towards social change. Our team take creative actions to solve social problems. Our heroes can identify problems and see it as an opportunity to build a solution. They applies the critical skills of empathy, teamwork and leadership to make positive impact to the society.
Arif Sikder
Founder & Executive Director