Ambala Foundation Internship


Ambala Foundation is going to launched an internship program for interested candidates who want to work as interns and volunteers within the organization and learn from its activities and approaches. The objective of Ambala Foundation internship program is to create an opportunity to gain experience to the operations of various Ambala Foundation programs to local and international people. The program is only available with the Ambala Foundation operations.

The objectives that Ambala Foundation strongly grips for its internship program are in the followings –
• Recruit interns from varied academic backgrounds to various Ambala Foundation programs where their knowledge of development issues and other experiences can be enriched through practical assignments and field experiences.
• Generate an understanding between the students, Ambala Foundation Officials, field staff, program implementers and the beneficiaries of the program, to achieve new obligation for the arena of social work.
• Provide training especially for the bright students in a professional environment through the internship program that would help them develop great organizational and professional skills for their future career.

Information before you apply:
1. All internships in Ambala Foundation are voluntary and interns must accept all related costs, such as food, accommodation, transportation and translation.
2. All interns are recommended to bring their own laptop as the organization may not be able to provide sufficient resources.
3. Willing to travel to various field locations within the country and spend a considerable amount of time in the project areas.
4. All interns must have excellent communication skills in English. Local interns must prove high competence in both Bangla and English.
5. Unless you are obsessive about development issues and willing to pursue a career in this sector, Ambala Foundation internship will add no value to you.

Internship: Types of placement

Ambala Foundation Internship
Ambala Foundation offers internship on the basis of their need in various programs to meet the expectations of both the interns and the program itself. Internship duration can vary based on the requirement of the program or the project assigned, however, not less than three months. Interns are placed into departments align with their interests and they are involved in research, administrative support, occasional to frequent field visits. Once accepted and placed in a department, the intern will receive a Terms of Reference (ToR) that is agreeable between the intern and department in charge.

Please visit the following link for ongoing internship programs: Available Internships

Voluntary Work (minimum 3 months commitment)
Applicants can take up a placement at Ambala Foundation and contribute to the work of the department by demonstrating their skills, experience and understanding, where applicable. Applicants should define clearly in their application their intended dates, their availability for at least 3 months, the project they are interested in and how their participation can add value to it. Volunteers will have to bear all related costs, such as, food, accommodation, transportation and interpretation.

Internship: Application Process

1. All Ambala Foundation internship applications should be submitted by the deadline specified in the relevant available internship description.

2. All applications are accepted on the basis of merit and academic/professional records. Any attempt to use unfair means to secure acceptance may lead to the cancelation of the application.

3. Download the application form

4. Complete the application form and submit it to the Internship Unit (at, along with an updated CV including a passport-sized digital picture. The CV must detail your academic background and professional experience.

5. Please mention the name of the program/department in which you are applying for an internship in the subject of your email.

6. A decision considering your application will be communicated to you within 2 weeks of the application deadline expiring, if not before.