Microfinance Program

✔Basic Information (click to download)
+ Overview
+ Objective
+ Strategy
+ Operational Area of Microfinance
+ List of Zone Office (click to download)
+ List of Area Office (click to download)
+ List of Branch Office (click to download)

✔Loan Products (click to download)
1. Buniad (Microfinance Program for Ultra and Extreme Poor)
2. Jagoron (Microfinance Program for Urban and Rural People)
3. Agrosor (Microfinance Program for Entrepreneurs)
4. Sufolon (Microfinance Program for Agriculture)
5. Sahos (Microfinance Program for Disaster affected people)
6. Housing Loan (Microfinance Program for House Construction)

✔Saving Products (click to download)
1. Regular Savings
    (a) Weekly Savings
    (b) Monthly Savings
2. Terms Savings
    (a) Sommridhy
    (b) One Time Savings (OTS)

✔Insurance Products (click to download)
Life Insurance for Loanee Members

✔Social Pension for Microfinance borrower (click to download)

✔Microfinance Program Statistics
1. Program Statistics & Performance Analysis (click to download)
2. Ratio Analysis of Microfinance Program (click to download)

✔Successful Story
Case Study under the Micro-finance Program (click to download)