Automation With Ambala IT

We are Using Modern Technology to Controlling All the Financial & Programmatic Activities

01. Ambala Foundation has been working very hard for the last few years to fully automate its MIS and FIS reporting for all branches and central office. There are 200+ branches in the jurisdiction of Munshiganj, Narayanganj, Comilla, Gazipur, Manikganj and Dhaka which is integrated their manual business to the automated software. The automation process maintaining by web-based software named Microfin360. We started the automation software use in November, 2011. There are two modules in the software. The merits of those two modules are describe below:

MIS Module:

  1. We captures daily installment of loans, savings and savings refund or loan distribution information of borrowers.
  2. After collection branch level posted in Auto Process by samity wise and updates Database automatically.
  3. Continuously we monitor daily recoverable and recovery information of borrowers to controlling due.
  4. We prepare member admission, member cancellation, savings refund, loan disbursement, full paid and various register & report tremendously.
  5. We calculate Loan Loss Provision, Disaster Management Fund and interest of member’s savings etc. accurately.
  6. We produce Field officer Wise weekly report and Branch manager report weekly etc.

AIS Module:

a. There are 5 (five) types of vouchers in AIS Module. e.g. Debit voucher, Credit voucher, Journal voucher, Contra voucher and Fund transfer voucher. The vouchers are generated in two ways: i. Manual voucher & ii. Auto voucher.

b. We prepare Statement of Comprehensive Income, Statement of Financial Position, Receipt and Payment Statement & Trial Balance to use the software.

c. We can provide all kinds of report to related donor/Micro-credit Regulatory Authority (MRA) by using the automation software etc.

02. Ambala Foundation recently have been installed another updated nabaerp365 web based in-house developed software which is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution and it’s a complete an integrated software. This software is multi-functional and multipurpose useable. Using this software in the organization to maintaining all the donor funded project financial activities including inventory, HR, Fixed Assets & Procurement Etc. Details of the software:

Name of the Software                            : nabaerp365 (ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning)

Date of Installed in the organization    : November 30, 2013

Solution of:

  1. Accounting
  2. Inventory
  3. HR (Human Resource) Management.
  4. Fixed Assets Management.
  5. Procurement Management.
  6. Admin Management etc.

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